• About Us

  • Who We Are and How it Started

    Hi, I'm David, the founder and creator of Leaky Nozzle Applications. I am a Firefighter here in Arizona for a small department about 5 miles South of Phoenix. I am an Engineer, Medic and love every minute of the job!

    This all started back in 2009 when I was out enjoying happy hour with some of my fellow co-workers and we were trying to plan a trip up North to the mountains. We all pulled out our torn up paper calendars onto the table trying to figure out when we all had time off together and that is when it hit me: there had to be a way to put all of this onto our phones so we didn’t have to bulk up our wallets with another card.

    I started with three schedules from the local departments around me and that immediately caught the attention of others asking me to add their schedule to the app. To my surprise, there are hundreds of different schedules out there for all the different departments. So I put my brain to work and came up with the custom option there is now for entering your schedule, which makes this app adaptable by any department or shift work out there.

    Most of the data and features in the app now have all come from input by the users and I couldn’t thank you all enough. The support from you guys and gals has made Spark what it is today. I am a one man show and all emails, phone calls or any customer support is done by me. I make it a priority to make sure I get back to the user in hours of their question or concern. I strive to make a quality product that is easy to use as I use it myself! I will continue to make the app top notch and continue to keep up with the technology as it grows.

    Thank you again.

    David DeGraaf
    Founder and Owner of Leaky Nozzle, LLC