• FAQ’s

  • How do I set up and my enter my work schedule/cycle?
    • You will need to start with the first day of your cycle and enter it through to the last day of your cycle and then stop. Then enter the start date as the first day you work when starting that cycle. 
    • Example: With a 3 on, 4 off schedule, you would start with the first day you work coming off your 4 days off and enter it through to the last day of your 4 days off and stop. A total of 9 entries. Then you will enter the start date as the first day you work coming off your 4 days off.
    • If you need further assistance, please contact support.
  • How does Cloud Connect Work?

    Cloud Connect is the newest addition to Spark! Cloud Connect allows you the user to create your on personal account and have all your data and subscription information stores safely and securely to out own server. Once you create you account you will be sent an email to verify that account, after it is verified all your data will then be stored on the server and all your subscription information will restore to the billing section of the app. If you are a first time user any information entered after the account is created will then be stored to the server. 

    Why is this so great? With Cloud Connect if you lose, damage, reset or upgrade devices all you need to do is install the app, login with your user account information and all your data will restore just as you left it. No more worries of lost data!!

  • Once I create an account, can I log in on multiple devices with the same subscription?
    • Yes you can! Once you have created an account with us, you are able to log in with that account on multiple devices. Anytime you enter information on one device, it will automatically update and sync with all of the devices logged in.
  • If I switched from Android to iPhone or vise versa, do I need to buy the application/subscription again?
    • As long as you have created an account with us, then your subscription will transfer over to any device. If you have not created an account, the subscription will not transfer from platform to platform. 
  • How does Calendar Transfer work?
    • If you use the calendar transfer option to send over your data, you will need to connect the old device to wifi, go into the app, tap the menu button and scroll to calendar transfer. (You will also need to make sure that you have the new version of the app installed on the old device.) Choose the option "calendar plus data," generate the code, and then enter that code into the new device under calendar transfer. Once imported, go back to the month view and tap calendars on the bottom of the screen and make sure the imported calendar is selected. You have now successfully transferred your calendar.